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Varsity Lady Crusaders Defeat Calhoun on the Road

The Lady Crusaders took to the road to compete against Calhoun Academy this Wednesday January 26th. Although they were low in numbers, the team came out swinging strongly in the first quarter led by 3's from #24 Lauren Reynolds and #1 Riley Colby. Calhoun Academy continued to hang in the game throughout the second quarter; however, the second half showed the beginnings of a different outcome. Although the Lady Crusaders took a hit with #4 Natalie Walke fouling out early in the 3rd leaving only 5 remaining players, #25 Layla Parker started out the half with a fury of baskets, scoring 8 points in the 3rd quarter. Reynolds and #45 Kailyn Koontz helped seal the game win with a combined 13 points.

The next game is tonight at Lee Academy @6:00 pm.

#1 Riley Colby - 3 points #4 Natalie Walke - 6 points #15 Kaitlynn Ford - 2 points #24 Lauren Reynolds - 12 points #25 Layla Parker - 16 points #45 Kailyn Koontz - 10 points

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