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There are certain games as an athlete that will stay with you for the rest of your

life. Tuesday night's win against Greenwood Christian was one of those nights for

the Northside Christian Academy Boys basketball team. When the game finished

anyone who saw the final scoreboard would’ve thought that it was a regular season

NBA game rather than a Tuesday night matchup of SCISA teams.

Congratulations to the varsity boys basketball team on their 115 – 93 win over

Greenwood Christian Tuesday night at The Bunker. The 115 points set the school

record for points scored in a Northside Basketball game, with 41 points coming in

the third quarter alone!

When asked about the win Coach Wilkerson said, “The thing that stands out about

tonight was the total buy-in to playing team basketball. We had 33 assists and 4

players scored more than 15 points. Our ball movement was superb. We made

quick crisp decisions and played selfless basketball.”

The individual performances were superb as well. Junior, Dane Sundell scored 30

points and tied the school record for made 3s in a game with 7. Sullie Crider added

25 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists. Seniors Drew Kodman and Braeden Patterson

also added 18 and 17 points respectively.

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